Hair Transplant Services by FUE Method


In FUE hair transplant, grafts of hair is taken from the back and sides of your head and transplanted into bald spots at the front.This grafting technique is non-invasive, essentially painless, has practically no downtime and quick.

 Imagine walking in for a morning operation session, within a few hours, by mid-day you’re up and running, done with the procedure. Your balding areas covered with hair!


Hair transplant services in Singapore

 There are few hair transplant services in Singapore that are as passionate and dedicated as us. Over the last 20 years, we have helped to bring confidence and beauty back to our customers’ lives! Our customers’ ages range from 18-60 and some of them have different hair conditions when they come to us.

 We recommended a hair transplant method called the FUE method so as to achieve the fastest hair reversal on your head.

 One of the best advantages of doing so is that the hair looks so natural and you can never guess that a patient has had this hair regrowth method done before.


Get A Free consultation with Hair transplant specialist

 Our hair transplant specialist will share the entire hair regrowth process with you. He or she will also answer all doubts that you have before you commit yourself to start the service. The best part is that consultation is free! Get a free consultation to know all the different possibilities of hair growth using different hair transplant methods.


When you walk into my office I’ll brief you on crucial information such as:


What stage and type of hair loss are you experiencing? – this portion is crucial to implementing the right treatment to help you stop excessive hair loss

The fastest treatment package which will help you NOW – there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution, but I know you probably want your hairs back as soon as possible, that’s exactly what I’ll do for you…


How to get everything you need to reverse your receding, thinning or balding hair – some solutions are just not sold over the counter, and I’ll show you where to get what you need for thicker hair.


Which treatments simply flat out don’t work – believe it or not there are treatments which don’t work and occasionally makes things worse, I’ll reveal how to spot “snake oil” so you can save more money and time.


Hair Synergy is the #1 market leader in hair implant surgery. Our services are highly affordable and thousands of customers have walked out of our door feeling confident and young. Our hair implants services in Singapore is one of the cheapest services in Singapore comparing to others. Visit our page or Call to enquire now!

Hair Transplant Over Hair Implants



 Hair transplant uses your own hair and hence gets merged with your existing hair.

 Hair implants use synthetic hair and involve cutting synthetic fibres implanted in your scalp hence it will not grow like natural hair. A hair implant is often compared to a wig that has been fixed onto your scalp. Thus, if you undergo this procedure to deal with thinning hair, you’ll need to accept an equivalent hairstyle for quite a while.



 Hair transplants will grow and fall just like the remainder of your hair. Also if a hair follicle has been transplanted falls, it can re-grow.

 But if a hair implant strand fails, it needs to be replaced with another synthetic follicle. Thus the chances of the need to follow up surgeries are higher.



 For Hair Implant, the chances of your body rejecting a synthetic fibre are much higher than the chances of your body rejecting a hair follicle transplant. Thus, the probabilities of infections are higher with hair implants.


 Hair implants may give you instant results while Hair transplant can take up to 8 months for the results to be visible. However, the hair follicles can also temporarily fall from the hair transplant.



 A hair transplant is PREFERRED OVER a hair implant! However, before taking any decision between these two, it is still recommended to consult your doctor and see which form of treatment is more suitable for you.


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