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 Now, let’s discuss some tips on hair loss prevention. There are certain hairstyles to be avoided that pull on the hair (strain your hair too much). Also, we don’t recommend subjecting your hair and scalp to high temperatures. Some hair styling equipment or hair styling methods may do harm to your hair and scalp when applied. Some examples include prolonged exposure to heat due to hair perm or hair coloring.

You also need to avoid chemicals or bleach that’s applied directly onto your hair. In terms of hair combs, try to use those with soft brushes. This helps to prevent unnecessary hair fall due to the force of the combing action.

In terms of shampoo, use shampoos which have a mild formula instead of using a shampoo that is overly strong.

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Understanding the reason For Hair Loss

It is common to lose some hair every day for all. Clinical research shows that losing hundreds of strands of hair in a day is normal. However, there are many cases where to day hair loss are in the thousands. 

Constant and excessive hair loss can leave you with bald spots in the case of man and thinning hair on top of her head in the case of woman. These hair loss problems can start from as young as the 20’s so it is important to take preventive and corrective actions the moment you realize that you are suffering from hair loss.

There are also many other for this early stage hair loss surfacing in patients who are much younger. Most of it is due to genetics or environmental reasons. Let’s discuss more on these below.

Hair Loss can occur for an array of reasons listed below

Age Factor:
As we get older, our hair has a tendency to break more easily, and our hair follicles do not replace the fallen hair as many as we would like

Hair Coloring & Styling:
Harmful chemicals and shampoos which are used to color or style hair may result in abnormal hair loss.

Ringworm on the scalp:
Children and people above fifty years old have ringworm on the scalp leading to hair loss. This condition not only causes hair problems but also needs proper treatment for the skin too. A dermatology or infectious disease expert may also be called in to combat this issue.

Lack of Nutrition:
Poor protein or iron taken in the diet can also cause hair loss.

Stress and depression:
Recent surgical operation, stress and illness or frequent fever can also cause huge hair loss. In some cases, your hair loss happens after many months. avoiding stress can prevent hair loss assurely.

Diseases like Hyperthyroidism, Blood Cancer, Alopecia, Lupus, Syphilis, or side effects of drugs or medical treatment can also lead to hair loss.

Injury on Scalp:
Severe injury or stitches can can cause balding spots. This may also lead to permanent scalp damage and cause hair loss to deter or slow down.

Hormonal or genetic disorders:
Hair Loss can also occur during Pregnancy or Puberty. If a patient is taking in birth control pills, the results may also cause abnormal hair loss. Changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle may also cause hair loss.

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